Since its establishment in 2007, People Staffing Solutions has been a cornerstone in revolutionizing how companies in India hire talent. With a consistent history of exceptional staffing services, we've become the go-to staffing agency for over 100 multinational and Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique staffing needs of each organization and delivering on them effectively

Our primary mission as a staffing agency is to bridge the gap between talented individuals and the organizations that need them. We aim to fulfill this by holding ourselves to a high standard of accountability, trust, and excellence.

We envision becoming a reliable partner for your business, recognized for our integrity and transparency. We seek to forge long-term relationships by being an invaluable resource for both employers and job seekers.

Core Values


We take the initiative in our work and cultivate a culture where everyone is accountable for their actions.


Meeting deadlines and fulfilling commitments isn't optional for us; it's the bedrock upon which trust is built.


Our ethical conduct and honesty are not just words but practices that have helped us build long-lasting relationships.


Open and clear communication is key to our operations, fostering an environment of collaboration and inclusivity.

Shared Success

We believe in creating value for all parties involved, striving for outcomes that benefit both our clients and candidates.


Reliability and competence are in our DNA, setting us apart as a trustworthy partner.

Commitment Towards Our Goals

We are resolute in our dedication to upholding these core values. They aren't just a list but a living framework that shapes how we approach every interaction and decision. Our values stand as a testament to our commitment towards achieving our mission and realizing our vision.

Meet Our Team

The Faces Behind Our Success
Mr. Ankit Bajaj

Founder & Business Head

In 2007, People Staffing Solutions was founded with a powerful belief of ”People Powering Possibilities”. It’s more than just recruitment; it’s a journey of turning potential into opportunity and making the impossible a reality.

We don’t simply connect candidates with companies; we create an environment where mentorship thrives, and growth is constant. Our mission is to be the bridge that transforms individual talent into collective success, proving that when we empower people, the possibilities are limitless.


At PSS, we understand that a thriving work culture goes beyond the nine-to-five grind. We make it a point to add a dash of fun and engagement to our work environment, knowing well that a happy employee is a productive one. Our offices come alive with festival celebrations, where the spirit of togetherness and joy is palpable. From Diwali to Christmas, we celebrate every festival with equal zeal, respecting the diverse backgrounds of our team members.

But the sense of community isn’t limited to special occasions. We integrate fun activities into our daily routine, whether it’s quick team-building games or an impromptu brainstorming session over coffee. The aim is to break the monotony and stimulate creativity, letting everyone feel more connected and less stressed. It’s these little things that make our team not just colleagues but also friends who look out for each other. This has significantly contributed to a work culture that is both uplifting and fulfilling, encouraging everyone to bring their best selves to work every day.